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The attention sustainable buildings and carbon-neutral projects have nurtured over the years, although well deserved, does not do justice to the needs of clean water and clean waterfront activity. Long term solutions require extra site specific and water body specific analysis. Help Us Develop Criteria for Sustainable Waterfront Improvement

The TECHBlue Center focus is -- quality control, performance tracking and evidence based planning alternatives, which may impact waterways and marine habitat.

We believe there is a major role to be filled by improving the construction methods and product choices used to develop personal property, working waterfronts and boating destinations (beyond Clean Marinas, Clean Boatyard practices, and local sustainability standards).

We are an independent, nonprofit 'Think-and-Do-Tank' of professionals -- who advocate research and resources which 'bring best practices to the waterfront' -- We call it BLUE


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TECHBlue is an Independent Library of Applied Technology

Going Green at the Waterfront - Decision Apps
Engineers / Specifiers Are there viable standards and benchmarks for the waterfront?   Property Owners What can I do?, What's good for the waterway? What does it cost?
  Construction Industries How to begin? What equipment and products to use? How do I train my company?
Alliances Are there clean waterfront resources for professional teams?
  Policy and Regulation Should it be voluntary? Can it be monitored? How do we report success?   Educators and Community Leaders Is local leadership needed? Is water quality in the discussion?

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